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We have put together a few details about the Molenkamp family as we understand it, but are always looking for more information.  We know we arrived in England in 1865 when Douwe and Geessien Molenkamp had set out for America from the Netherlands on the barque "Sylphide".  The ship developed engine problems and put in to London for repair.  While she was in dock Douwe's youngest daughter, Jantje, passed away so they laid her to rest and decided to stay with her.

This website has Douwe and Geessien as the central characters, with one tree going back to the 1630s, and another bringing the Molenkamp family forward to the present day.

Some of the Molenkamp family subsequently moved to Canada in the early part of the 20th century and others to Australia, and we have been able to add details from these distant shores after a lovely lady in Victoria contacted us in January 2008.

If you too have anything you could add to the Molenkamp family picture, no matter how trivial, please do let us know.  You are invited to email Ted if you can make a contribution or if you just wish to comment about anything you see here.

'Molenkamp' may be considered an unusual name for the UK, Canada and Australia - we would claim it is distinctive - but for the Netherlands it is quite fitting.  We understand that 'Molenkamp' translates into English as 'Millfield', so it is apt for the land of the windmill, even though we can only find a couple of our ancestors who were actual millers or mill builders.  There must have been Molenkamps building mills before the 1650s for the name to have been applied so long ago but we have yet to discover anything to back up the thought.




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